egomania shea nut butter conditioner

Over the past decade, shea butter business activities have received stakeholder attention as a potential means to an end for some women in Ghana. The shea butter business provides alternative livelihood options for women who are either engaged in shea nut processing and/or shea butter processing as a business. Shea butter was initially processed manually at the household level. Subsequent developments in the shea business facilitated the processing of shea butter at group levels with improved techniques due to quality and issues of standardization among others. Interestingly, despite the shea butter business potential, assessment of entrepreneurial capabilities of women shea butter processors in Ghana is limited. Underscoring the need for empirical assessment; this book presents details of assessment of entrepreneurial capabilities of sampled women shea butter processors in Northern Region of Ghana. Though this book was submitted as a partial requirement for an award of Master of Philosophy Degree in Development Management, it is a useful source of information on shea business in Ghana for both academic and other developmental interventions and policy.

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