new multifunctional game mouse 3200dpi adjustable mouse built in stereo speaker 3 5mm audio jack support handwritten for pc

Air mouse working current: 12mA(average) 60mA(peak); Remote woking current: 6mA; Sleep current: <10uA(2 minutes without action automatically into low power sleep mode); Headphone jack: 2.5mm headphone jack; MIC: the built-in microphoen; Keyboard: handheld keyboard with auto backlight; Charging mode: USB/DC 5V Keywords Using high-precision six-axis gyro; Support motion sensing game; Patented algorithm original sign learning; Built-in OS makes operation more smooth; Voice transmission(built-in high sensitivity microphone); Light sensor automatic backlight brightness; Using six kinds of adjustable DPI DPI value of up to 2400DPI; Remote control function supports IR learning function; Built-in power control algorithm for longer periods of time; Multimedia keyboard & navigation keyboard.

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