weed management in sugarcane

Among non-chemical weed management techniques, allelopathy (bioherbicides) is considered as an option for weed suppression. To study the potential of allelopathic plants water extracts as a weed management tool in wheat, a field experiment was conducted during rabi 2010 at Agricultural University Peshawar, Pakistan. Randomized Complete Block (RCB) design was used with split plot arrangement. There were two main plots (pre and post application) of plant water extracts and eight sub-plots containing different weed control techniques. The results showed that pre-emergence application of plant water extracts proved to be superior to their post-emergence application in respect of weed control. Pre-emergence application of Phragmites australis and Helianthus annuus gave 68 and 65% weed control, respectively.The results further showed that the application of Sorghum gave maximum biological and grain yield (13194 kg ha-1 and 5015 kg ha-1, respectively) in comparison to weedy check that gave only 10262 kg ha-1 and 2700 respectively.The instant results suggest that Phragmites australis and Helianthus annuus could be successfully incorporated in weed management approaches in wheat.

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